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Leadership Philosophy at Oakwood International School
Leadership for Tomorrow is the central philosophy of the school.

This stems forth from the belief that Preparation for Life is the purpose of 21st century education. At Oakwood, leadership is defined as the ability to first lead yourself and then others (through service). As at the end of the day, leadership is experiential. At Oakwood, we have a leadership curriculum that is taught formally from grades one to twelve. The leadership curriculum has both a theory as well as an experiential component. Theoretical Aspect: Under this aspect of the leadership curriculum, students are taught the art of reflection which enables them to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Based on this reflection, students arrive at personal, professional and community service goals. The goals and action plans to realize the goals are documented in a Leadership Journal. Persuasive Communication is another aspect of the leadership curriculum.

Our School
unique school that imparts experiential leadership training to students.

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Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking, Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great.


RUSHENDRA(V CLASS ) got 1st place in state level shuttle badminton both single and double. ROHAN(V CLASS) got 2nd place


OJASWI DUBEY (X CLASS) got 3rd place in national level boxing championship held from 16 to 19 Jan 2016 at

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Admissions are open, Get Enroll Now!

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